Top 17 Quietest Wet Dry Vac: You Won’t Believe What You Are Reading!

I am a full time housewife with three adorable kids and a caring husband. Sometimes, my husband does help me with the house chores but most of the time I have to deal with terrible filth and milk spillages. My youngest baby is still a toddler and she needs to sleep well and we can’t stand a dirty house for even a day so that is the reason why I need the quietest wet dry vac to do my missions. Today, I will share with you my experience on choosing the quietest one yet still functional enough. 


Best Quietest Wet Dry Vac In Smooth Function 

Best Quietest Wet Dry Vac In Exotic Design 

Best Quietest Wet Dry Vac In 360 Degree Hose 

Best Quietest Wet Dry Vac In Lightweightness

Best Quietest Wet Dry Vac In Compact Design

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Top 17 Quietest Wet Dry Vac Reviews 2021

I used to have Clarke Summit as my favourite wet dry vac so I am going to describe my past experience with this.

First of all, the vacuum has an extremely high capacity. I still remember when my second daughter once accidentally spilled the milk in the carpet and this phenomenon beast completely washed away the fifth. Really amazed back then!

It might be a little bit heavy but I am sure that it is simple for users to manipulate.

Take all of the features into consideration, this vacuum is definitely a good choice.


  • Clean well.
  • Runs smoothly and quietly.


  • Quite heavy and bulky.

Viper brings to us quite an exotic and modern wet dry vacuum. Let us find out what it has to offer.

First off, the machine is super easy to put together so even women who have no idea of mechanics can assemble this one in just a minute.

Next, it possesses a tank which can store up to eighteen gallons of water (sixty eight liters). Viper also does well in suction just to make sure that your carpets, rugs, curtains or whatever you use it on are clean and clear.


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Exotic design.
  • Long hose.
  • Stainless steel.


  • Bulky.

Powr-Flites has two processes of filtration which eventually lead to a clean and clear floor.

The machine is suitable for hard floors. It is also equipped with a 360 degrees hose, enabling you to move the vac anywhere you like without fearing it being disconnected.

Powr-Flites is really quiet to be honest. It barely leaves no sound during the process.


  • Modern design.
  • 360 degree hose.
  • Two processes of filtration.


  • One colour.

I would have to say that Tineco Floor One S3 is an extremely remarkable wet dry vac! My sister has used it all over her house several times and I have witnessed the real magic, words can’t express how impressed I was!

Her house has a lot of patterns such as tile wood and cork. The first thing that I noticed is that its operation is super easy to manipulate. You just plug in the night before and begin using it tomorrow.

It sucks in dust and waste along with the liquid. My sister had no difficulty cleaning her white tile and guess what, the floor was so freaking clean.

Like other Tineco’s products, it is lightweight; therefore, it is effortless to carry up and down the stairs.

One more thing is that the vacuum functions without any annoying noise. That is what I like most about this lovely monster.

Overall, this mop was definitely worth the investment.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Flexible with most patterns.
  • Easy to manipulate.


  • None

This 7 gallons storage wet dry vacuum is designed for long term usage and it is more efficient than traditional vacuums. With its sturdy construction, silence feature and automatic cleaning system, it can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Aero is covered with a relaxing colour of blue and the hose is longer than ever. It works excellently when used to clean drywall dust after a house construction.

It is not a whisper quiet vacuum but it is definitely less loud than most traditional vacuums out there.


  • Compact design.
  • Functional features.
  • Long hose.


  • Does not have a handle when needed to carry around.

If you are looking for a wet dry vac which does the job of cleaning pets’ messes well, then have a look at Bissell Crosswave.

First of all, the vacuum is an all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner, which means it vacuums and cleans washes the floor at the same time. Furthermore, the vacuum is amazing in collecting debris and sucking in awful pet hair wrap.

The mop is made of microfiber and nylon brush so it is completely friendly with tile, wool floors, linoleum, laminate and so on.

Second of all, Bissell is definitely not a noisy vacuum. It works in silence and protects your family's relaxing rest time.


  • Super quiet.
  • Cool purple colour.
  • Safe for various patterns.
  • Suitable for pet lovers.


  • Has to be cleaned up quite often.

There is one thing which I like about this marvelous Workshop wet dry vac is that it has four wheels at the bottom of the strong body which enables the users to move it easily. 

Speaking of silence, it is fairly quiet, I mean, it is quiet enough not to wake other members up while you are doing the house chores. 

In terms of performance, as far as I know, it works well, the suction strong enough to suck in all the dust and water. 


  • Quiet.
  • Strong suction.
  • High mobility.


  • None

For this Ridgid wet dry vacuum, there are many opinions toward it and most of them are positive ones.

One of the users shared that he was really satisfied with the vacuum as it had lots of amazing attachments which could be stored when unused.

The machine is surely quiet, easy to assemble and the hose is large enough not to get clogged.

I personally do like this one too due to its sleek design and easy-to-clean material.


  • Big hose.
  • Lots of attachments.
  • Sleek design.


  • None

My mom bought this for a week now and it's her new favourite wet dry vac.

Tineco iFLOOR is fairly quiet to be honest and the battery lasts quite a long time. Although the vac is cordless, it has a very good suction. My mother was kind of shocked at this wet dry vac due to its high capacity and it can easily clean a 2300 square foot house without shutting down, finished in thirty minutes. The machine even self cleans the roller! The solution it came with works amazing.

It's also lightweight and easy to maneuver. Furthermore, the design and the frame are madly timeless!

The reason why I purchased this was that the Tineco iFLOOR was much less expensive than the others and was cordless.


  • Long lasting battery life.
  • High capacity.
  • Elegant look. 
  • Cordless.


  • None

Do you believe that there actually is an absolutely efficient wet dry vacuum which can completely pull off retro style? If you do not, then I bet you have not seen Makita.

The main keyword for Makita is versatility because it can flexibly switch from a vacuum to a blower. I am not sure about the blower feature but the vacuum one is really smooth and is not so noisy. It produces that kind of white noise which soothes your nerves quite effectively.

The machine has a sturdy handle on top, in case you want to vacuum dust and debris at somewhere unreachable.


  • Retro style.
  • Eye-catching aqua colour.
  • Really quiet.


  • Finding proper accessories is quite difficult.

According to many customers, Craftsman does well in terms of suctioning. However, that is not its only unique selling point.

As I said above, the machine is quieter than most vacuums that you can think of. Consumers said although it was not as quiet as whispers, they still could talk over it.

What about other features? First off, the machine has the technology of dual flex which enables it to turn 180 degrees in order to avoid kinking.

Craftsman also has a drain which is oversized so you can easily empty the liquids inside.


  • Sturdy, strong design.
  • Eye-catching red.
  • Super quiet.


  • Quite heavy.

This robot-look-alike wet dry vacuum is called Dewalt 12 and as far as I know, it has been receiving tons of positive reviews.

To begin with, the vac only needs a horsepower of 5,5 peak to deliver the best suction that you need. In addition to this, with that rate of horsepower, the vacuum is absolutely quiet when functioning so don’t you worry about how noisy it is because it is not at all.

Besides, Dewalt 12 has all of the best features that a functional wet dry vac needs so this could be a competitive rival in the list.


  • Built-in storage.
  • Large tank drain.
  • Extra long.


  • A little bit bulky.

Coming up next is Dewalt Max, a cordless wet dry vacuum. I personally like this one because it has so many advantages.

The first advantage is that the machine is extremely portable with a strong and durable handle so you carry it around the house.

The second advantage that I can see is that its hose is designed to do heavy tasks and it is not easy to break at all.

In terms of quietness, according to many users, it sounds just right, smooth and not irritated at all.


  • Has a reusable filter.
  • Big storage.
  • High capacity.
  • Durable and quiet.


  • Not so elegant and stylish.

No products found.

A wet dry vac is a must for every household and if you have not got one, then get this Moosoo 4 now.

My house had a water leakage once and it was a mess because water was everywhere. Fortunately, my generous neighbour lent me a wet dry vac which was exactly this Moosoo 4 and thank god, my family was saved that time. The container can store up to 2,5 gallons (9 liters) and it signals you when the water is full.

Despite its strong horsepower which is 200 watt, the machine barely leaves a single noise. When the water broke out, my youngest baby was sleeping and while we were vacuuming, she didn’t wake up.

Besides, it is lightweight, super portable and easy to carry around and manipulate. Moosoo 4 is also really flexible as well because I use this one to vacuum stairs, rug, curtains and the result is not really disappointing at all.


  • Work shockingly well on dry and wet messes.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • High capacity.


  • The hose is a little bit short.

Hoover could be a best friend with your floor back home if you give it a chance.

First off, the vacuum has a dual tank technology. Thanks to this development, you will not have to leave dirty water back on the floor because the machine separates clean water from the dirty one.

It also has a mode of wash-dry which saves you an abundance of time as it dries up the excess water while cleaning.

The second impressive thing is that the machine is shockingly lightweight with a weight of just under fourteen pounds (six kilograms). This feature enables you to bring it wherever you want in the house and clean all of the messes.

Last but not least, it is not loud at all due to the well-functioned motor and horsepower.


  • Suitable for many patterns.
  • Simple control. 
  • Wash dry mode.


  • Needs much maintenance.

My dad is the CEO of a large fabric company and the place where he works is pretty messy. He bought this Workshop wet dry vac for the company and I got the chance to try it out too.

This machine has 3.5 horsepower and its weight is surprisingly light.

Its quality is beyond my expectations and the price is shockingly cheap. The suction is amazing.

I plan to buy one for my sister as a Christmas gift this year for her to use in her timber shop. I am sure she will like it very much.


  • Small and compact.
  • Strong horsepower.


  • Short hose.

The Vacmaster wet dry is one the most awesome things that you can seek.

The suction hose of the machine sucked up the water really well. That means its capacity is far excellent.

The vacuum has a very reasonable price and guess what, this product has good ratings on online sources.

The other advantages are a big storage, a good-looking frame and sturdy material.


  • Exceptionally cheap.
  • Strong capacity.
  • Big hose.


  • Cord is quite short.

Do not feel enough with my reviews above on the quietest wet dry vac? Then do not hesitate to read more below:

The higher the capacity gets, the better the vac is

You definitely need a wet dry vac which has a strong capacity to suck in all of the dirts at once. Liquids on carpets are the worst and trust me you do not want to deal with it naked, I mean, without your best weapon which is literally a high capacity vacuum. Quietness is essential but good performance is vital. Remember that! 

Compact size and strong handles are hard to resist

Quietest Wet Dry Vac

You heard me, you clearly do not want to purchase a bulky, heavy and too complicated to carry around wet dry vac. Filth is everywhere in your house and it can happen at any time so be prepared. You should not waste your money on a vacuum which can only clean the floor because it is not so wise to do so. 

Riddle me this, riddle me that, what are the most asked questions about the quietest wet dry vac of them all?

Should you buy a wet dry vacuum which has a separate liquid bag?

Quietest Wet Dry Vac

I think you should because water spillage or anything like that are disgusting. I do not want to touch a mess which is a mixture between solid garbage and stinky liquids and I reckon that you do want to do so too. Normally, a separate bag supports you better when draining dirty water and it is more convenient also.

Do big vacs have more storage than small ones? 

Quietest Wet Dry Vac

Not really. It is about the storage, not about the size of the machine. A bulky, big vacuum does not always contain a big storage, maybe it is just attachments or accessories. In my opinion, before buying a vac, you should carefully check its information or ask the seller for details. 

You already had your quietest wet dry vac but it has broken down? Watch and learn how to fix it here: 

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Wet Dry Vac

The review nearly comes to an end so I would like to pick my top choices for the quietest wet dry vac.

I guess I have said enough, the rest of this journey of hunting the quietest wet dry vac is on you. Try to keep an open mind to have a super fantastic shopping experience. I have been doing so and the results are not disappointing at all so far. I hope that I support you well, goodbye and see you on later reviews. 

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