We all know how rats can make our lives miserable by poking holes in our favorite attire, eating our food as we sleep, and making holes in our expensive décor, as well as, furniture. There are various ways that you can get rid of the rat problem including the use of conventional traps.

You can even run after the little rodent with a bat or even hope it moves on to greener pastures. However, the surest way of killing the little squeaky nuisances once and for all is through rat poison. In the following review, we suggest some of the best rat poisons you will find on the market.

Rat Poison Reviews

Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

The rat poison will effectively kill Norway rats, roof rats, and mice – it is a lethal and versatile poison for rodents. It is quite lethal in just one feeding, and you would not need to look for any other solution. The solution comes in a big 8lb box with enough quantity to use for a long until the rat problem is no more.

Despite its effectiveness on rodents, you will need to keep it away from animals and children. Use it in places where the animals and children cannot get it, such as agricultural buildings.


  • An effective rat and mice poison
  • Lethal for the rats and mice in one feeding
  • It is easy to use
  • The poison will also kill the roaches – a bonus


  • It is quite lethal, even for other animals
  • The rat poison is pricey
  • If the rat dies in an inaccessible place like the attic, you may have a smell problem for a long time

Just One Bite Ii Bars

It is another effective solution that will kill the rats for a long time. To ensure the rats don’t carry it away, nail it on wood or tie it with a wire – it is so tasty for the rats, and they will want to carry it away to eat later. Alternatively, you can crush and mix it with dog food or other food – it is easy to use. The poison can also be efficient on squirrels, and chipmunks – quite versatile.


  • A potent killer that will exterminate the rat problem in your home and garden
  • It is easy to use as you only need to nail it on wood
  • Will take care of a wide range of rodents in your home
  • An 8lb bag will last for long


  • Not to be used around children and other animals

NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 45-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Pail

Sometimes, a rat infestation can take over the inside and outside of our homes, and it is in such a time that an effective solution is necessary. By effective, we mean a rodenticide that attracts nice and rats, far and wide. The Neogen Rodenticide comes in fish flavor, which makes the rodents go crazy.


  • The bait has a very attractive fish flavor
  • It is a potent rodenticide to take care of your rat problem, indoors and outdoors
  • Comes in 45 pieces to last you a long time
  • It is easy to use – no complicated preparation instructions
  • It is a good product for dealing with a rat infestation


  • Like any other rat poison, the rodents may die inside your home
  • Some users say it is ineffective

JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide

Rats adore peanut butter, and what better way is there to kill them than use it on potent bait? Well, JT Eaton, 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide is one peanut butter-flavored poison that the rats love eating, and of course, dying in the process. The rodenticide has Diphacinone as an active ingredient, effective on a variety of pests and rodents. It has a low chance of poisoning a secondary predator that eats the poisoned rat, meaning that the cats that feed on the poisoned rat are safe.


  • The rodenticide is one of the most potent to remove a rat infestation
  • Has a very attractive bait
  • The active ingredient eliminates pests and rodents, a few days after feeding
  • It is an effective solution, suitable for garages, basements, and agricultural buildings
  • May not affect the rat predators


  • May not be effective on some rodents
  • Takes a few days to be effective

Motomco Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail 4 LB

There is a good reason why Motomco Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail is a best seller, and you obviously have an idea – it is effective. The bait chunks contain Bromethalin, a potent poison that proves effective on rats. And unlike other baits you find on the market, the rats stop eating it after they have taken their dose, allowing more rodents to feed on it.


  • Can kill a large infestation with a small amount
  • Contains Bromethalin, a powerful ingredient
  • Kills house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats – a decent solution for a wide variety of rats


  • Some users say that it attracts and increases the population of cockroaches in the house
best rat poison

The Various ways of Getting Rid of Rats

The sight of rats is quite frightening for some of us. A passing rat can cause panic attacks and even anxiety for some people, but that may not be the only challenge.

Rats are destructive and can cause significant losses to your business, and home. They can even pose a health hazard by bringing dangerous diseases. Rodents can cause fires by gnawing on the wiring, but you shouldn’t have to persevere through the horror when they invade your home.

Traditional rat traps are some of the most common and inhumane ways of killing rats. However, they may prove effective if there are only a few of them. Rat traps are just a drop in the ocean for large infestations.

There are also live traps that require frequent checking and may not be convenient for some people.

Another shortcoming associated with traps and baits is that they are too powerful. They are inappropriate in a home with pets and children.

best rat poison

Rat Proofing your Home

Prevention is always better than cure, and the same applies in the case of rats. Typically, rats require a consistent supply of various foods and water. Keeping the food in tight-fitting metal or grass containers keeps the rodents safe from your home.

Keep your house and yard tidy and organized to ensure there are very minimal places to hide. Acquire metallic bins for the outdoor trash – the little guys have a hard time scaling metal bins. The bins should have tight lids to ensure there are no routes to get inside.

Clean up the bird and pet food mess, and store the food in robust containers to keep the rats off it. If you also have compost in your garden, avoid organic waste as much as possible to avoid attracting them.

Fit strips on the spaces under the door, and on the exterior doors to close possible entry spaces. Fill any gaps on the exterior walls, and use aluminum or steel plating where necessary.

Repair any roof damages you will find, and utilize wire mesh to fill any possible gaps. And if you have any vegetation leaning on your home, trim it to size. Rats are adept at using electrical cables, and overhanging branches to access your home through broken tiles, and roof.

Rats can access your home by swimming through the sewer. Therefore, make it a habit, always of closing the toilet seat after use. To seal any drainage outlet and prevent possible rat entry, use strong metal grates, and other types of tight-fitting covers.

The benefit of proofing your home is that it makes it unattractive for the rats, saving you from the trouble of having to get rid of them, when they are already in your home, and settled. Rats never miss a chance of entering a home, with easy access to food and good hiding locations.

best rat poison

How do you know you have a Rat Problem?

There are various ways to learn that you have a rat problem, among them is rat droppings. In most cases, rats have dark brown, spindle-shaped droppings that may look like a grain of rice.

The black rats are good climbers, and you may hear them making scratching noises on the roof. However, brown rats are not many climbers. You will hear the rodents making grinding noises behind the furniture and other equipment.

The brown rats have a reputation for making a wide tunnel system for food storage, shelter, and protection. You may also find their nests in attics, and lofts. Typically, they will shred any available material such as cardboard, clothes, and stationery to make a soft, and hospital place for them.

On dusty floors like the garage or shed, you may find tiny footprints on the floor surface. In most cases, there will also be rub marks, as the rats do not have very good eyesight. They need to move along walls, and they will rub against the walls with whatever substance they go through, such as oil in the garage.


Rats can make you go nuts when they destroy the good stuff in your house. However, the best rat poison can effectively get rid of your rat problem. The above products are pretty much what we are talking about, but our favorite is Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks.

The poison kills the rats at first bit, killing an entire population. It not only kills the rats but mice and other pests within your home, as well – talk of versatility!

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