Top 10 Restaurant Steam Table: Get Your Money’s Worth!

A restaurant steam table is an essential equipment for every  restaurant, cafeteria, canteen, etc. With the help of this kitchen equipment, the food will be kept warm and stayed fresh for a certain period, which is the first priority of all restaurants. When serving food for a large number of customers, it is necessary to limit everything from cool and to keep them far from the “danger zone”. 

This is extremely true for cafeterias and canteens because the specification of them is that a lot of students and customers come at lunch time and dinner time, so food is always in an appropriate temperature so that they can eat immediately.

However, when it comes to choosing a restaurant steam table, a lot of people do not know they should do that in what way. Therefore, we selected 10 restaurant steam tables out of thousands of products in the current market. 

Without any hesitation! Let’s check them out in this post.

Restaurant Steam Table
Restaurant Steam Table
Restaurant Steam Table
Restaurant Steam Table
Restaurant Steam Table

Best For

dry use 

Best For 

medium food establishments

Best For 

food pans

Best For 

small self-catered events and cafeterias

Best For large capacity food pans

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Top  Best Restaurant Steam Table Reviews 2021

Kitma brings to customers a model of a restaurant steam table which is made from stainless steel with high quality. This will help you ease your maintenance and cleanliness. Apart from that, the manufacturer included a one year warranty, so if there are any problems during use you can contact the manufacturer to replace.

You can put  pasta, pizza, meat, ect. in its pans with a support of 5 full size, 8 inch deep pans. One thing you should know is that this restaurant steam table is designed for dry use only. However, wet food can also be held in it with a compatible spillage pan.

Besides, it provides you with a powerful heating retention. Fiberglass insulation is placed between the wells, which will give a better heat retention and offer a different range of temperatures depending on your needs.

If you want to cut anything with this equipment, don’t worry because it has a cutting board and an under shelf. Durability and safety are also ensured in this device.


  • Powerful heating retention
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Cutting board


  • Expensive price

This restaurant steam table comes from Vbenlem  brand. It is an electric steam table made up of high-quality materials, which will ensure durability and reliability during the using process. With its dimensions of 60"x33"x33", it serves well in buffet parties of catered events.

One plus point that is worth your money is the switches. It is designed for security as well as reliability with mechanical guards.

You can hold a large amount of food up to 20 liters due to 4 full size, 6 inch deep pans. The Vbenlem also offers you with extra lids so that you can keep delicious foods within a longer time. But it is only for dry use.

However, the manufacturer equipped two power cords, so it allows you to control the left and right sides separately. The U-shaped heating component, which is controlled by the control knob independently, will warm each well.

Further, it also has a foldable cutting board, thereby you can cut all your ingredients on that. It is an essential kitchen equipment for every restaurant because its application is absolutely various from noodles to soup, pasta, etc.


  • Made up of high-quality materials
  • Equip with a separate heating
  • A foldable cutting board


  • Not suitable for holding wet foods chậm 

The first thing that Vevor brings to you is 10 food pans with large capacity, and also compartments and lids. Its 6 inch deep pans allow you to hold 50 percent more food compared to the other.

If you are looking for a restaurant steam table that has to heat quickly, it is especially suitable for you. Because temperature can be controlled precisely by a rotary button, and adjustable from 86℉ to 185℉. Other than that, you can observe directly the real-time temperature due to a thermometer.

It is also constructed from heavy-duty materials ensuring durability, long-lasting life, and easy cleanliness.


  • Large capacity of holding foods
  • Quick heating
  • Durability and reliability


  • Need a large space

We come to another product from the Venblem brand, but it is a two pot version. The two well pans are 6 inch deep pans, and each can hold an amount of food up to 20 liters. With its feature, you can put almost delicious foods such as meat, pizza, pasta.

It is similar to other restaurant steam tables of Venblem, you can set the temperature at whatever degree you want, depending on your purposes. It provides the control knob which is designed for optimizing heating versatility and temperature retention.

An essential cutting board and under shelf is the tools that will help you store extra food.


  • Various application
  • Adjustable temperature control


  • Limited number of pans

This Bain Marie is another product of Vevor. It offers you with 8 pans in total. It is another choice for those who are searching for large capacity pans. 50 percent more capacity is the number that this equipment offers in comparison to others with 6 inch depth.

In addition, it contains several typical features like fast heating, a detachable tempered glass shield. By using these designs, guests can easily decide to choose their favourite food without worrying about hygiene.


  • Large capacity of storing food
  • Wide application
  • Glass shields


  • Must place on other surfaces

Kitma provides users the different steam tables with different span choices. This is the least span offer, only two pans. It is suitable for small restaurants and cafeterias. Because it inherits from the designs of Kitma, so it has almost typical features that a Kitma steam table has. 

By constructing from heavy-duty stainless steel materials, the durability and longevity is reliable. 

The difference of this equipment is the two open wells. It is 8 inch deep pans, which are deeper than other restaurant steam tables. With the diversity of food in restaurants, it can also serve you very well. 


  • Two deep open wells
  • Quality warranty
  • Thick poly cutting board


  • Finite number of pan

This 5-pan Bain Marie is a 1500 watt electric commercial steam table from the vevor brand. It is more appropriate for medium restaurants than large restaurants. It has 5 pans with a depth of 6 inches. Its U-shaped heating tube is adopted with heating in three dimensions. This enables the heat transfer more efficiently and so foods are kept warm longer.

 Your yummy food is always in a ready-to-eat temperature for guests to choose. Moreover, you can use it for a wide different purposes such as catering, buffets.


  • 1500 watt high performance
  • Three dimensional heating
  • Thick glass shields


  • Take up space

Sybo ZCK165BT features a large capacity pan, 24 liters, including compartments and lids. For heavy-duty uses, it makes you easier with a high quality spigot dispenser. Its standard base is interchangeable in order to fit all occasions.

It uses 110 volts, so it is safe to use. You no longer have to shut off manually because of an automatic shut off function.

You will not have to worry about any problems in the first 30 days when you start buying it as the manufacturer offers a 30-day refund and 2 year warranty as well.


  • Safety
  • Automatic shut off
  • Interchangeable base


  • Finite food pan

The products of Vevor vary greatly from shape to function, and the 6-pan model is not an exception. It features a 27 liter capacity pan along with 6 compartments and lids as well. So it is a proper choice for buffet restaurants where they serve a large amount of food for a large number of guests.

It is made up of 304 food grade stainless steel, so you can clean it after use easily. In addition, with a faucet you can drain the water out of the container to clean it clearly.


  • Very large pans
  • Easy to clean


  • The heating tube may be damaged if you try to dry it.

The Tiger Chef Food Warmer is an ideal design for space saving in small food establishments. Its stainless steel adapter plate is made to insert round table pans, and durable 19 gauge stainless steel is the material making up this equipment. So it allows you to keep your food at a perfect temperature.

It is especially suitable for storing gravies and soups thanks to soup warmers and round steam tables. The notched lid seals the heat snugly and thereby food is warm longer.


  • Save space
  • Have insert pot
  • Energy efficiency


  • Small capacity

Suggestions For Buying A Restaurant Steam Table

What is a steam table?

A steam table (also known as a food warmer) is a kitchen equipment that is used for cooking or keeping food warm at a suitable temperature so that it is ready for serving in periods of time. It is usually equipped in restaurants or cafeterias rather than in home. The aim of designing a steam table is to add more convenience and versatility to your food establishment.

How does a steam table work?

Restaurant Steam Table

In the effort of keeping food warm, a steam table heats the water to create steam  and  this steam will gradually heat the food pans. With this working principle, the food is always kept at an ideal temperature. There are two types of steam tables which are open well and sealed well steam tables. 

Only the open well steam tables can heat the pan without using water, or dry heating. But it is capable of utilizing both dry and moist heating concurrently. 

What Does A Restaurant Steam Table Consist Of?

Restaurant Steam Table

Before you decide to buy a steam table, you must clear about its components to avoid lacking units and result in inconvenient use. A basic steam table consist of:

Adapter plates which function is to make configurations of customers and allow a more variety of serving in a single well.

Adapter bars that will divide wells into smaller parts for fractional pans, and reduce steam loss during use.

Cutting boards which help you prepare other food or cut ingredients right at your steam table.

Serving shelves that enhance your service by allowing you to serve food to customers but still ensure the hygiene for other food.

Steam table pans which are an indispensable accessory. This is one the most important units of a steam table. They affect the quantity as well as the quality of the food you serve.

Spillage pans which is essential for types of open wells. They enable steam heating and therefore the food is not dried.

Drains that help you clean your steam table at ease after each use.

How to choose a restaurant steam table meeting your needs?

Restaurant Steam Table

A gas steam table or an electric steam table

First, you have to decide which type of steam tables that you prefer, gas or electricity. Apparently, each has its own perks.

Steam tables using gas usually quickly heat the pans and have a simple design. They can use natural gas or liquid fuel. Because of the quickness of heating, the kitchen’s temperature will raise rapidly, and this will make you hot and annoyed.  Therefore, you need to install extra cooling equipment to lower the heat inside your working area. 

Unlike, an electric steam table needs a longer time to heat food up, but it is more energy efficient than a gas steam table. Further, it is also very easy to use and controls temperature more precisely. Also, cost-efficiency is one plus point for an electric steam table because it emits less heat and thereby you may not need to add any cooling devices.


Along with choosing gas or electric steam tables, the type of control is a necessary consideration. There are two common types which are infinite and thermostatic.

Infinite controls are somewhat manual controls. You have to pay more attention and effort to set the right temperature for each kind of food you are cooking.

Thermostatic controls are easy to operate for your staff or anybody else. This feature is printed for ads on electric tables.

Types of wells

Open wells and sealed wells are the two options you must consider when purchasing a steam table. 

Regarding open wells, you may have to equip spillage pans because open wells are sources of exposing heat. Either moist or dry heating can be used for this type. They may be cost-effective, but because of using spillage pans, you must clean them up after use.

With sealed steam tables, they are dissimilar to open steam tables in some ways. First, they are a covered heat source. You will not have to use spillage pans to add the water, you use the heat component, instead. They are also easier to clean due to a built-in drain. However, they are only for moist heating.

Number of wells

It depends on your demands, the number of guests, food, etc. Normally, six to ten wells are the ideal number of wells you should consider. If you want to use it in a cafeteria, you may need a six well restaurant steam table. On the other hand, if you intend to use it to serve in catered events, you may only need  two to five steam tables. It is up to your intended usage, you should be very careful when making a buying decision because this factor will have a huge impact on your latter use.

Size of steam table pans

An additional consideration parallels with the number of wells is that you also need to think of what size of pan fits the wells. Usually, each well is designed with a specific size which varies from full size to 1/9 size. But you don’t have to be that worried, adapter plates and bars will help you fit a variety of food pans. They enable you to customize the elements and assist in the use of multiple size pans.

If your priority is the durability, you had better choose heavy-duty pans. They will prevent your restaurant steam tables from getting damaged and worn. 

The requirements of plumb

Open wells use spillage pans to drain the water after use while sealed wells already have a built-in drain that may come up with the installation of drain and additional plumb. Investing in drain systems is worth doing. One of the biggest benefits of them is that it makes cleaning and adding or emptying easier for you. You should read the manual and all specs to know the safe way to operate your steam tables.

Pointers to clean your restaurant steam table 

In the aim of ensuring the life of your steam tables as well as hygiene, we give you several advices for cleaning and maintaining:

First, you have to make sure that your steam table is cool and all the water must be drained and then brush the wells clearly. Do not use abrasive brushes and hazardous chemicals because these substances can be worn and stained the metal.

Second, spills need to be cleaned up rapidly after use as the heat produced by the unit will dry them. This will make it more difficult to clean them later on.

Third, avoid allowing water to store in wells in a long period of time. You should get rid of all the water and clean them immediately after use.

Fourth, do not use cold water to pour onto hot surfaces because this can cause heating shocks and the metal can be warped.

Restaurant Steam Table

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Restaurant Steam Table

Either you are a person who just started opening a restaurant or you already have a food establishment, equipping a restaurant steam table is necessary. It will help you ensure food at the best quality when guests come to your food outlets. Once the food you serve is in the status as delicious as possible, your business will have chances to grow up and become prosperous.

For some people, making decisions is something really difficult, especially things related to their budget. But it is somehow very easy if you are a smart customer. So please define what your real intended use is, and how much you could pay for them. This is two basic questions when it comes to buying something.

In the process of choosing a product, there are a lot of things you should consider. However, price is the first major factor which has a huge influence on your final decision whether you buy or not. Then thinking of what that item can assist you, or its features. Avoid purchasing because of low prices. 

After thoroughly reviewed and compared between hundreds of restaurant steam table, we finally highly recommend you 5 top picks as follows:

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