Top 10 Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches Review 2022

Fond of maintaining your garden area? If you ensure pruning of the trees in your backyard from time to time, it is high time that you should search for the best saw for cutting tree branches. While there are options for pruning saws for trees, it is recommended that you should choose the one that lasts for years and delivers unmatched quality over other models.

To maintain those enormous trees in your garden or backyard, you would need appropriate equipment, such as the best hand saw for cutting down trees. The trees can be an asset as they are responsible for enhancing the looks of your backyard, lawn, etc. However, maintenance is the key if you want them to last longer.

Even if we are thinking about adding some more such trees, consider tree maintenance after we’ve completed the initial phase of planting. Most of us might be thinking that this tree maintenance, something like cutting off those hefty and long branches, is quite a hectic job. However, if you have the correct gear, it truly isn’t. 

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The Top 10 Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches Review 2022

You might have invested several years is caring and nurturing for your trees, like cultivating, growing, and monitoring them regularly. Still, if their correct set of apparatus to maintain them isn’t available with you, your efforts can go in vain. Some of the best gears, such as tree-cutting saws, are discussed underneath.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Automatic lubrication System Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

The Sun Joe electric saw is just perfect for cutting off those extensive branches and thinner woods. With this automatic saw, your job is relatively more manageable because of its length, enabling you to reach the taller branches, which was tricky in reaching otherwise.

The Saw Backs Power

The Sun Joe Saw comes with a motor of 6.5 amp power, which ensures you can chop thicker branches, which has a thickness of as many as 7.5 inches.

Automatic Lubrication

The Electric saw has an oil tank capacity of 2.7 fluid ounce. Alongside automatic lubrication, the saw also has a cutting bar and chain, which is 8-inch thicker.

Telescopic Feature

The Pole can be stretched up to 8.7 feet and reach 15 feet overhead. Alongside this, the load speed of this saw is 6000 rpm, and the power level of the sound is 108 DB.


The SWJ800E is very easy to handle due to its compact nature, and hence it makes your job relatively simpler when it comes to cutting those long branches. The Oregon chain bar in the saw guarantees you safety because it limits the kickback.

This chain bar ensures that this saw can be used safely, and even those who have never used a pole saw in their life earlier can efficiently work with it. These blades are made of high-quality material which ensures that it passes through the lengthy overhead logs easily.

No Pressure

Using this saw ensures that you work in a relaxed mode. There isn’t much pressure exerted in your muscles, which means your work is done efficiently without a lot of stress in your hands. Overall, this is a fantastic saw, which is just perfect for all sorts of pruning activities.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Quite safe to use
  • Don’t need a lot of maintenance.
  • Doesn’t generate a lot of noise
  • Auto lubrication feature


  • Not fit for heavy-duty applications
  • No handguard or handle to be used as a chainsaw.  

Corona Razor Tooth RS 7265D Comfortable Grip for Extended Use Folding Pruning Saw 10 Inch Curved Blade

The Corona Razortooth saw is relatively lightweight and easy to use. This saw is designed ergonomically so that you get a comfortable grip without putting pressure on your muscles during extended usage.

Three-sided Razor Teeth

The saw comes with razor teeth (three-sided), enabling them to cut through the branches, which are about five to six inches thicker, especially the smaller and the medium ones. Also, the curved design and as many as six teeth per inch ensure that cutting with this saw is relatively simpler than traditional saws.

The Easy to Latch Feature

The Corona Saw consists of a blade that is easy to latch and saves you from getting injured when left unused. The saw has a curved folding blade, taper-ground, and furthermore, it can be replaced too. 

Hardened Teeth

The saw has hardened teeth, which ensures that the tool has an extended longevity. You can use it for several seasons without the blades getting affected by wear and tear.

A Hook at the Handle End

To prevent the saw slipping off your hand while you pull the blade through the wood or any other material, there is a large hook at the backside of the handle. The hook offers the additional stability for your hands.


The Corona saw is a compact one with only nine (9) inches long when you fold it. You can comfortably carry it in your pocket and carry it anywhere. The saw won’t slip out and stay secured in whatever things you carry it.

Rust Proof

The blades are rustproof and don’t allow sap or wooden dust to build-in, which is also why it lasts longer.


  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to maintain


  • Might break when used heavily 

BLACK+DECKER PHS550B Powerful 3.4 amp, 4,600 SPM Motor Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag

The Black and Decker handsaw is just the appropriate saw when it comes to doing smaller jobs near your house. This is a kind of a hacksaw that is very suitable for pruning or chopping off small woods for campfire.

Lightweight and Powerful

The saw is lightweight and, at the same time, quite powerful too. The compact design ensures that they are easy to carry and use too. Those who have just started gardening can easily use it, and for those interested in pruning activities can try this tool for sure.

The Blades are Incredible

The electric saw with 3.4 amp power comes with stronger blades, which makes cutting the branches easier with a few strokes back and forth. Also, you can attach different blades in the saw suitable for cutting branches of different sizes.

Gripping is Comfortable

The saw satisfies one of the main criteria that each saw must have, which is comfortable gripping. The grip ensures you can comfortably work with it without putting too much tension in your muscles.

Storage Bag

A storage bag is offered with this saw which gives you the facility of storing all the blades and the saw together and keep it secured in a place, such as a garage.

Extended Cord

The electric saw has a cord which is six-feet long. Also, you can an use an extension cord if you want an additional reach. If you are looking to use an extension cord having a length of 25 inches, using an 18 awg cord can be a good option.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to maintain
  • Strong blades
  • 6-feet cord


  • Blade attachment can be difficult at times
  • Not useful for heavy workloads

Flora Guard Triple-cut Razor Teeth Hardened Ergonomic and Comfortable Handle Folding Hand Saw

The Flora Guard Folding saw is there to make your cutting and pruning job very much exciting. Whenever you want to chop off those long branches of the trees in your garden, the sharp razor tooth blades of this saw is the solution.

The Blades

As mentioned earlier, the saw has 7.7-inch blades made of solid stainless steel. The triple-cut razor teeth ensure you can do the activities like sawing, cutting, etc. in double-quick time.

Comfortable Grip

The saw is also ergonomically designed to offer you comfortable gripping, which is essential when you work for extensive hours. The grip and smooth handle ensure that your muscle stays relaxed even when you do some stressful work for longer times.


This is a hinged tool that makes it easy to carry and fold it anyplace to keep it secured. This foldable feature ensures that it eliminates the risk of getting wounded by the blades when its kept unused.

Pruning Job is Easier

The saw is a utility tool that can be very useful for pruning branches thicker up to three inches. Maybe it’s going to be a little hard to cut through oak, maple, or softwood; however, some extra elbow grease can do the job.

When you think of chopping those rose bushes or shrubs, this tool is the ultimate device to make the task simple.

High Quality and Durable

The foldable saw is made with high-quality material, which is also a guarantee of its durability. It can be used for more extended periods of cutting work without the fear of the blades wearing out.  


  • Razorsharp blades
  • Lightweight
  • compact 


  • The pivot point can get weak

Multi-Purpose 8″ Triple Cut Carbon Steel Blade – Premium Folding Saw with Gear Lock Security

The Folding multi-purpose is a high-quality material, which is a useful tool that you must carry for different activities like pruning, hiking, or camping. The saw’s blades are premium quality material, which guarantees flexibility and more extended service life.

High-quality Material

The saw isn’t made with cheap materials but the supreme ones, which is why it won’t break and bend that easily. With this saw, you can easily cut or pull through the long branches of the trees in your garden easily, and the strong blades will assist you in doing so without much of a challenge.

Tough Blades

The saw blades made with hardened steel have triple-cut razor teeth because of which you can do the sawing, pruning jobs quite smoothly. With these 17-inch long blades (and also nine-and-a-half-inch when closed), your strokes are more comfortable.

Ergonomic Design

Like some of the high-quality saws, the multi-purpose is ergonomically designed to guarantee comfort in use. For instance, the saw has a ribbed rubber handle made of thermoplastic substance, which ensures it does not slip out of your hand while working.

Suitable for Different Uses

The essential aspect that makes this saw stands out of the rest is its multipurpose feature. Other than the regular pruning or cutting activities, this saw can be used as a limb saw, snow saw, winter pruning saw, and so on. 

Portable and Lightweight

They are ideal fit for camping for both men and women because of their compact nature, which easily fits into your toolbox, and also, its lightweight ensures they can be carried conveniently.

Locking Mechanism

The Foldable saw comes with a safety locking system that enables the saw to close smartly without the razor teeth getting exposed, thereby preventing any injury risk.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Supreme quality blades
  • Safety-locking system
  • multipurpose saw


  • Might not be useful for cutting heavy branches

Worx WG309 8 Amp 10 Inch Consistent Performance and Reliability Corded Electric Pole Saw with Auto-Tension

The WG 309 electric pole saw is a 2-in-1 saw, ideal for trimming those long branches from the trees. This saw is quite useful for some small utility gardening works that you are looking to finish up in a quick time.

Powerful Engine

The electric pole saw comes with an eight amps engine, which guarantees that you are getting a smoother performance on which you can trust when it comes to your pruning and trimming jobs.

Lightweight and Compact

The machine weighs around ten pounds, which is why it’s quite convenient to carry, and it’s designed in a way that it can be hanged or stored anywhere once your job is done.

Auto Chain Lubrication

The automatic oiler will ensure that the chain will always run at its peak performance, which will ensure that you are getting some controlled cuts smoothly and efficiently.

Tension Adjusted

The system does not allow the chain to get overtightened to run smoothly without putting excess pressure on the engine.

The Long Length of the Pole

The pole can reach up to ten feet, and with its rotating handle, you can not only reach those high treetops easily but also do your pruning in those difficult areas without much of a challenge.

Maintenance is Easy

This electric saw is very easy to maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about investing high dollars in maintaining it. The steel blades ensure that there is no soil, dirt dumping on it. Besides, this tool is also doesn’t create a lot of noise while running. Hence, it’s quite right for you and the environment too.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Auto chain lubrication
  • 2-in-1 machine
  • A long pole with a rotating handle


  • Not adequate safety features

REXBETI Heavy Duty Rugged 11 Inch Long Blade Hand Saw with Extra long design

The heavy-duty, extra-long folding saw is one of the best hand saw for cutting down trees. It comes with long durable blades, making your trimming and cutting jobs relatively easier and efficient.

Ideal tool for General Woodwork Activities

This tool comes with a heavy-duty SK-5 steel blade, which allows you to cut the woods efficiently during camping or some general pruning and trimming works around your yard.

Long Blades

The blades used in this saw are 11-inches longer, enabling them to cut the branches without wasting a lot of time. The long blades in the saw are ideal for branches that are about six to seven inches thick.

Stronger Teeth

The folding saw has a 7 TPI staggered teeth, which assist in very smooth and controlled sawing. The teeth are very durable and don’t bend or break easily, so you can bank on it.

Smooth Gripping

The handle of the saw is made with longer rubber coated polymer, because of which you can have a firm but a comfortable grip on the saw while you are working in any weather.

Compact and Safe

The design of the saw ensures that it is easy to carry and also safe. Because of the foldable nature, the teeth of the saw gets closed smartly. Hence there is no chance of getting a cut or wound. 

Besides, this saw can be carried anywhere for any pruning and cutting job. Because of its portability, it can be carried into your pocket or in a toolbox, and it won’t slip or slide out.


  • Long length blades
  • Portable
  • Strong teeth
  • smooth grip


  • dulls too quickly
  • can get stuck in green woods

Tarvol Incredibly Strong & Versatile Heavy Duty Pruning Saw with Saw Blade Enclosure

The heavy-duty hand saw is the perfect tool to slice through those small shrubs, plants, woods, and trim trees. With this saw, your cutting efforts will take no time, and also you don’t need to exert too much pressure on yourself while doing them.

Sharp Blades

This saw comes with a razor tooth curved blade (7TPI), making your cutting job that much easier. Because of the high-quality material used in this blade, it also ensures that the blade lasts longer.

The blades are quite flexible, which means they will not bend or curved easily, which is the worry for most gardeners while doing the trimming and cutting job. The blades are sturdy enough to withstand long hours of use.

Cuts Through Thicker Branches

Use this hand saw to slice through the branches of those trees as much as eight inches thicker. As mentioned earlier, the blades are incredibly more robust, which is why it can cut through those thicker branches.

Comfortable Grip

The saw is designed ergonomically, which is why you get a single-handed (pistol-type) grip that gives you comfort during your trimming and slicing jobs.

Perfect for Small Jobs Around your Backyard

The compact, lightweight handsaw is ideal when it comes to doing some regular trimming jobs in a quick time. Just slice the longer branches, prune those bigger trees and afterward store it easily.

Besides, being compact, the handsaw is lightweight too, hence its easy to use and carry. If you are looking for a suitable saw that will help you do those small gardening tasks, then this heavy-duty pruning handsaw is worth a try.


  • Razor tooth blades
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and compact


  • can get dull quickly

Zubat High Quality 330mm Large Teeth Professional Curved Hand Saw

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The Zubat handsaw is a professionally curved saw that is very useful in cutting through to those trees’ heavy branches. They are designed in a way that you can do these heavy workloads without putting too much pressure on your body.

Strong Blades

The saw blade is made with strong steel, which can cut through the thicker branches of the trees. It has 6.5-inch razor-sharp teeth in the blades, which makes all your tough pruning and trimming jobs easier.

Comfortable Gripping

The slicing and the pulling strokes through those dense trees with a handsaw can be quite a stiff challenge. But it’s not the case with the Zubat product. It comes with a rubber-hand grip (mono-construction molded), making your cutting and pruning job effortless even during wet conditions.

Prevents Rusting and Dumping of Soil, Debris, Etc

The blades of this 13-inch long saw are chrome-plated, and its sharp teeth ensure no tree resins, debris, etc. gets dumped into its edges. All these can be wiped off easily, and also the blades are free from rust, which guarantees long service life.

Comes with a Cover and a Detachable Belt Holder

Along with the handsaw, you get a pivotable, custom-fit, black cover made of polypropylene and a detachable holder. It means that you can store this blade securely in it without the risk of getting wounded from exposed teeth when kept idle. 

Smooth Finishing

The smooth finishing quality and the strength combined with flexibility make this one of the supreme tools for gardening activities. The handsaw is built using the latest technology, and this smoothness, comfort, etc. are some of its strongest points.


  • Razor-sharp teeth and long blades
  • flexible saw
  • detachable belt holder and cover
  • rust resistant


  • the tooth can get snapped-off

The DocaPole “GoSaw” Lightweight Handle with Comfort Grip Hand-Held Pruning Saw

The DocaPole saw is one of the best saws in the best market for all types of pruning, cutting, and trimming activities. The saw is also a multipurpose saw, which is good enough for a variety of gardening uses.

Great Combination

One of the best features of this saw is that they can be used to prune higher branches and as a hand-held saw for trimming the branches situated below. You can use it chop of the logs, small shrubs, brushes, etc.

Razor-toothed Blades

The blade has razor-sharp teeth that are bi-directional (13-inches) and with a tooth design of w/3X. It ensures you do the cutting and trimming jobs efficiently.


The blades are durable and have a chrome-plated finishing on them, which ensures that there is no dumping of rust and debris on it. Hence, because of this, the blades’ sharpness lasts long, and it guarantees a better and longer service life.

Usable with Poles

The saw is ideal for extension poles such as the acme-threaded ones, or with the long handles. When you use metal-tipped poles, then these saw is just a perfect fit. Get a 12 or 24 inches longer extension pole, and the saw will work just fine.

Fully Assembled Product

The saw comes ready with all tools set in its box. So, you don’t need to use any other accessories, just take it out of the box, and it’s ready for your work.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The all-in-one saw comes with a lightweight and comfortable grip, which is right for you while doing some challenging gardening tasks.


  • All-in-one saw
  • Razor-sharp tooth
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Doesn’t come with poles
  • Can be difficult sometimes to get a controlled cut

What to Consider While You Buy the Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees

You must be picking the best saw for cutting tree branches. Because if you do not cut the branches appropriately, the tree will look incredibly huge, and your garden won’t have that graceful appearance that you desire. 

You must keep in mind a few factors before you decide to pick the right kind of saw for your needs. Following these tips will always help you in finding the appropriate gear suitable for your gardening needs.

Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

The Design

Do always consider the ergonomic factor when you decide to pick the appropriate saw. These factors include the weight of the device (of course, it should be lightweight), it shouldn’t be slippery, and the gripping should be non-conductive. 

When you are working with your saw, if you aren’t feeling the comfort in your hands, you will not be able to work smoothly. Hence the saw handle has to be comfortable enough for you to grip while working.

Remember that your muscles can get drained eventually, yet a well-structured, efficient saw will empower you to go on for long hours without getting exhausted while you’re in your cutting work. Moreover, a design such as a steel tubular one will always help enhance the grip and performance.

The Quality of the Blade

The time taken to chop down a tree depends on the quality of the blade in the saw. If it’s unstable, you’ll get worn out and won’t be able to complete your task successfully. Also, if you are using an inferior quality blade, it will break eventually after you have used it a few times while chopping woods.

Preferably, the saw you use must have hardened blades of steel. These are extremely hard blades and won’t get blunt quickly and are not influenced by adjustments to strains. 

Adjusting to Tension

When we talk about adjusting to tension, the saw you bring must have a component that will permit you to alter the tension (in the blade) relatively quickly. There isn’t really a need to continually utilize a saw at greatest strain, which many people wrongly believe. It’s often a good practice to reduce the tension, which helps enhance the blade’s longevity.

Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

The Safety Factor

The grip of the saw should be an excellent one. If the grip of the saw isn’t good enough, then it might easily slip out of your hands and cause a severe accident to you. Also, make sure that a knuckle guard in the saw prevents it from hitting your hands if it slips.

Other than features like a decent grip and the knuckle guard, there should a protective covering in your saw. Having sharp blades is always appreciated; however, it is also necessary to wrap (cover) them altogether when you keep them in a storage place.

Often, people get some minor wounds while searching for their cutting apparatus in darkness. Therefore, ensure you are checking the nature and the quality of the covering if it covers your saw blades totally.

The Efficiency Factor

While blades made with hardened steel are durable, however, the sharpness can be affected by the lack of appropriate maintenance (the blades might lose its sharpness). Therefore, the saw you are using must have the option to quickly replace the blades so you can return to your tree cutting job in a matter of seconds. 

The Material Should be Rustproof

When working in your garden, your saw gets exposed to water, excessive heat, etc. The material of your saw must be rustproof. Once the saw gets damaged at work, then there isn’t any need to use it again.


It’s perfect to work with light and compact saws. The saw’s compactness ensures that it can be carried in a bag or a small vehicle to other places if you need to work there. Most gardeners prefer compact saws. 

Length of the Blade

There are different lengths of blades for different saws. Generally, the smaller sized blades of small saws are around seventeen inches. These are useful for tree pruning and other light assignments for garden maintenance, especially those in narrow zones, you might find a band saw quite useful. 

Then again, the saws which are bigger ones have a blade size of as many as thirty inches. These are substantially more equipped to cut logs and trees in a generally short time. 

FAQs for the Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

Q: How should I choose a pruning saw to cut tree branches and the small trees?


You can choose from the three pruning saws accessible when you want to cut the tree branches and the small trees. They are: 

  • Saws with a straight blade
  • The folding saw
  • Saws with curved blades

Saws with Straight Blade

The pruning saws with straighter blades, as a rule, have a single-handed grip (like a pistol) kind of handle and perfectly suitable for jobs related pruning on greenwood thicker up to five inches. 

The Folding Saw

You won’t need any casing for folding saws. They can be handily conveyed and are very efficient in light pruning works, such as to cut off brushwood during a campfire. 

These saws are intended for cutting bigger branches, which are about four to five inches in breadth maximum. The curved nature makes them more steadily being used and improves cutting efficiency. 

Q: How often you need to use your saw for pruning or tree cutting?

Ans: How frequently you are using your saw ought to be one of your significant contemplations when deciding to buy a saw for pruning and/or tree cutting. Proficient and different people who utilize their pruning saws regularly need standard quality robust saws.

The comfort factor, usability, and expenses related to replacing the parts will have a higher need than people using the saws less frequently who just need to utilize a pruning saw only a few times. 

Q: How should I be using a saw for pruning?

Ans: Most of the saws used for pruning are draw saws with a double tooth, which implies they are intended for strokes of cutting or pulling. These saws will, in general, maneuver themselves inside the cut. 

This implies, without a doubt, you would only need to exert a little pressure while pulling and virtually nothing while pushing (stroke), which is illogical if you are accustomed to utilizing a regular crosscut saw. 

If you have used a traditional saw ever for wood sawing, it might take some effort to figure out how you can make the best use of your pruning saw. 

Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

Q: What should I do to maintain my pruning saw?

Ans: The soil from tree bark and the dirt will assault and blunt your pruning saw’s blade if you are not careful about maintaining it. After each utilization, it is advised that you follow this straightforward daily schedule to keep your pruning saw in supreme condition.

  • Take a moistened kitchen paper and wipe the dirt and residues off the saw blade.
  • Get it dry and apply a couple of oil drops, cleaning the oil everywhere on the blade to give it a defensive covering that will forestall rusting and oxidization. Any light oil (lubricating), for example, bike chain oil, will perfectly work. 

Q: How can I increase the sharpness of a saw?

Ans: Procure a saw set, in which you can reset the teeth, and a tapered file (measure the number of teeth per one” – this is how you’ll purchase the right set of saw). 

  • Take sandpaper, remove the rusts from your saw’s blade and clasp the saw in a tight clamp firmly. 
  • Ensure you set the right width for the kerf with the forceps-like looking device from the saw set. Place the set against the individual tooth you need to address, and the instrument will twist it. 
  • The subsequent step is the filing of the individual teeth with the taper file. You can utilize the files that are both single-or twofold cut. 

Q: How can I attach the saw’s blade with a pruner (of a tree)?

Ans: Don’t confuse between tree pruning saws and the tree pruners. These are two different instruments, though people get confused quite often. Tree pruners appear as though forceps with a little piece of sawing blade while a saw used for tree pruning resembles a standard saw, however (typically) littler. 

  • You first need to remove the older blade. This can be accomplished by detaching each bolt that interfaces the blade with the part used for trimming. Put on some oil in the bolts to make this procedure simpler.
  • Clean those bolts and recycle the old blade
  • Place the new blade in the saw blade slot.
  • Tighten the screws quite firmly.


So, you must have realized how important a tree cutting saw is to maintain your garden. In some time or the other, you would be bound to use a saw for trimming and cutting activities for your nursery, without which maintenance is virtually impossible.

So, do keep in mind the few essential factors like the weight, blade size, grip, safety, etc. and other important factors while you pick the best saw for cutting tree branches for your cause. You can take a look at some of the most upgraded saws with advanced features online shops where you can check all those essential points in detail to find the ideal saw for your pruning and tree cutting activities. 

These are some of the tools for those who are new to gardening and have recently taken up the job. Hopefully, this list has been a good enough help for you in deciding the best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches for your task

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