Tao Tao 125 ATV Reviews 2021 Fully Automatic 

tao tao 125 atv reviews

ATV comes in various structures and is characterized as a vehicle with low-pressure tires, load-bearing seats for the driver and the steering wheel. Compared to most terrain vehicles on the suitable streets, ATV was intentionally engineered to fit a wide variety of landscapes. They operate similarly to cruisers, but they are more stable at lower speeds since they have three or four wheels. One of the most famous ATVs that we can not ignore is the Tao Tao 125 ATV Reviews.

The least powerful engines, such as the 70cc and 90cc models, are mainly designed for children. Teenagers and even adults will start riding ATVs with the 125cc engine size, based on their weight.

Suppose you want to buy a tremendous Chinese ATV for your children to learn off-road driving skills and thereby develop their physical and mental fitness. In that case, you should read this review carefully as we will review in detail one of the best ATVs on the market today: TaoTao ATA – 125D. This product is especially suitable for young racers who want an excellent vehicle feel and performance, taking part in independent rides because of the unique features it offers. You can adjust to slow down or increase the speed to match the driver’s abilities, which you can change as your child grows up. 

We‘re pretty sure this all-terrain vehicle will delight both you and your kids. So, please keep reading for more details!

Things To Consider Before Buying A TaoTao ATA – 125D

tao tao 125 atv reviews

ATV size

If you’re looking for a massive ATV with absolute resistance, you won’t find it on Amazon, but if you’re looking for a powerful ATV for your kids to ride or play on. Amazon has some great options for you to consider.

When buying an ATV, you can also remember the height of the four wheels. Make sure your child can ride safely on four wheels. Your child won’t be comfortable watching an ATV that is too short. It also affects the child’s fitness and sitting posture. If it is too large, it will be challenging to navigate and therefore dangerous.

If it is too high, it will be challenging to navigate and therefore risky. It’s best to choose the best four-wheeled vehicle for a ten-year-old or the perfect size for your child’s age.

To ensure the child’s well-being, you will want a model that offers excellent comfort and outstanding handling and strength. For them, a four-wheeled vehicle with a payload of around 130 pounds would fit and ensure their safety.


Tires are essential to an ATV, so you can think twice about them when choosing an ATV. Accidents can happen if you misuse the tire while driving. To create a firm grip on terrain such as swamps, dunes, etc. should choose tires with many rough spikes.

The knobs or tabs on the wheel parts come in several sizes. You will tailor the ATV to your child’s driving style if you recognize the tire characteristics and other features affecting the tire.

The large and large spines attached to the earth are exploding to remove the rubbish. On the other hand, small ranges that are spaced close together can be faster. Close-together small spines have moderate grip and low rolling resistance.

Tires have gaps in the tread for better grip on slippery, slippery surfaces.

The standard folding foot in the center reduces rolling force, allowing the 4-wheel drive to accelerate faster. The wide side margins provide more corner grips. As you lean toward the tail, the mask transitions between the chin and enhanced lateral grip, resulting in a seamless transition from the central spine to the bottom.

While larger tires are more extensive, they can have more excellent stability, allowing the baby to feel more secure. When you can use a larger tire on an existing rim or have a wide edge to fit the tire, you will have to accept a lot of inflation.


tao tao 125 atv reviews

Brush motors and brushless motors are the two most popular types of 4-wheel motor vehicles available today. Each engine has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to consider the suitable machine for your children’s off-road vehicle.

Brush motor

Brush motors are very popular on the market today due to their low cost and ease of use. It has a consistent performance of 75 to 80%. You do not need an additional separate motor controller, such as a brushless motor, because of the basic design. With just one key, you can turn it on and off. The initial investment for this type of freeze is relatively affordable. However, it has a shorter engine life. The friction between the brush and the off-road vehicle’s rotor takes a lot of energy and easily damages the coil. After a while of use, the meeting will wear out, and you will need to buy a new one.

Brushless motor

Brushless motors do not use brushes during use, which helps minimize friction, eliminate noise, and save energy when the engine operates smoothly.

It has high efficiency between 85-90% and runs smoothly and quietly at low and high speeds. Copper and iron loss is minimized, and energy consumption is reduced through the excitation of permanent magnets. It has quick acceleration and deceleration. It saves money on cleaning, brushes removal, and slips ring repairs. A Brushless motor has a longer lifespan. However, this product’s prices will also be higher, making it more challenging to distribute across a wide variety of goods. The 4-wheel brush motor remains a top choice for those who have the money and the need for a large, long-lasting 4-wheel engine.

An ATV with a brush motor helps save energy while providing high efficiency that the 4-wheel brush motor cannot match with a 4-wheeled car for a 10-year-old baby. Meanwhile, brush motors are becoming more popular. A stable engine is enough for a 10-year-old four-wheeler that doesn’t need too much fuel. Consider carefully choosing for your child the most suitable motorized ATV.

Engine power

When looking for a suitable 4-wheeled vehicle for a 10-year-old kid, the engine is an important aspect to keep in mind. An ATV engine aims to provide traction instead of increasing the speed by adjusting the gear ratio.

For teenagers, there are two types of four-wheelers: gas and electric.

If your child is new to baby four-wheelers, an electric ATV is the best option.

Compared to gas-powered ATVs, it runs on electricity quieter and has a faster top speed. Another advantage of electric machines with automatic transmissions is that they are much easier to control. So your child is learning about vigilance but is also having a great time.

You can choose a gas-powered ATV if your child has any experience and expertise in electric scooters or related vehicles. Gasoline four-wheeled vehicles run at faster speeds.

ATV cover

When the case is made of porous rubber, scratches are less likely to contact obstacles. At the same time, it makes it easy for all four wheels to turn on rough roads. This ATA-125D also has a stunning and eye-catching shell than other cars of the same type to attract children.

Safety features

tao tao 125 atv reviews

Electric brakes, quick lock, padded handlebars, and lights for night driving are just some of the outstanding safety features. These vehicles have safety scores and certificates to aid you in making an informed purchase.

Another important aspect is the shutdown button, which allows the driver to turn off the engine while maintaining control while gripping the steering wheel. At the same time, you should pay attention to the four-wheel suspension as well as the brakes.

Additional features

Some ATVs have extras like space for storing food and drinks, as well as a horn to alert traffic. Before deciding on a model, you can browse through the functionality you want. Some ATV models have a speed limiter, allowing parents to set a speed limit for their kids when riding on rugged terrain.

ATV prices

Ultimately, we are not looking for what you need to buy from a supplier. Nobody likes to buy from the seller. You should shop online ahead of time to make sure you have a good deal, so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted a lot of money on your bill.

ATV maintenance

tao tao 125 atv reviews

ATV is one of the best ways to drive on any terrain, especially on rugged terrain. However, going on rough terrain puts a lot of pressure on the ATV, so proper maintenance is essential.

ATVs, like motorcycles, need more protection than cars and require more maintenance. There are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you are a first-time ATV owner.

The most important thing to consider when buying a new ATV is to start the engine. This means that you can’t go off-road with a fully charged engine on the first day regardless of whether the machine can rotate at a moderate rev speed.

ATV lifespan

We have to explain that we’re not looking for something used. Instead, we are reviewing the ATVs already available for purchase in the market. We’re not looking for the cheapest option, and you’ll want to make sure that whatever ATV you choose will last a long time and keep you safe and secure while using it. However, the lifespan and durability of each ATV depend mainly on how often you use it and how your child is abused. Teach your children to take care of their AVT so that it can accompany your family for as long as possible. When choosing the ATA-125D, you can rest assured because consumers consider this off-road vehicle very durable.

What other people say 

Hearing of the positive and bad aspects alone would not suffice to decide to buy an ATV. Reading third-party reviews is also an integral aspect of making an informed buying decision.

Thankfully, the internet allows you to read the perspectives of a variety of people. When we looked up this ATV model on different platforms, we saw a lot of positive reviews. This ATV was lauded for its simplicity of operation. Another significant feature was that people of all ages could use the ATV without difficulty.

Information About The TaoTao ATA – 125D

We recommend buying an ATV if you want to make the outdoors fun again. However, since many people are not familiar with ATV, choosing which brand to buy can be challenging. Tao Tao ATA-125D is an excellent place to start. If you still want to learn about other alternatives, keep reading below as we cover them as well.

The fully automatic 110c engine with reverse power supplies this model. While this may seem unnecessary, it should be enough for some lighter adults.

Remember that while this ATV is aimed at teenagers, there is plenty of room for adults. It also has a remote kill control, allowing you to turn off the ATV in an emergency.

Compared to the children’s versions of the ATV on the market, we rate the ATA – 125D higher for the benefits it offers. Simultaneously, the ATA – 125D has also overcome the errors that the previous versions of TaoTao off-road vehicles have and have a much more eye-catching design.

This model, the ATA-125D, is aimed at children and those who are new to the ATV 4-wheeler. The ATA-125D is designed for optimal longevity and driving characteristics, including ease of control, convenience, and enjoyment. ATA-125D has a beautiful appearance with a sturdy plastic shell, inspired by the large-sized ATV line. Lighting and signal lights are included.

TaoTao built a front bumper to shield the car from damage while off-road. The ATV also includes a remote with a speed limiter and an engine shutdown button for added safety. TaoTao ATA-125D outperformed competitors in the market thanks to its outstanding towing ability.

The powerful ATA-125D is an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with torque of 6.5N.m and a speed range of 5000-5500 rpm. A 4-speed automatic transmission and an integrated starter were fitted with this engine.


  • Easy to use foot brake
  • Reverse automatic transmission
  • Gentle and long-lasting
  • It has two types of lights: headlights and taillights
  • Engine shut-off button
  • Powerful engine enough for an adult, even at 110cc
  • Comprehensive and efficient tire, ideal for most terrain
  • Has a remote kill switch if someone has never operated an ATV before
  • A great model for those new to ATV
  • Fuel capacity 4.2 liters


  • Some consumers are dissatisfied with the rapidly draining battery.
  • The assembly is a bit more complicated and time-consuming compared to other versions.

Key Features And Benefits Of The TaoTao ATA – 125D

If you’re looking for a motorized kid’s ATV big enough to carry an adult, this is the one for you. The ATA-125D doesn’t have many functions, but it has a lot of advantages. Any of the essential features and benefits of Tao Tao ATV are covered below.


When it comes to ATVs with more powerful engines, there are many better choices. However, if you’re just starting and want something easy to use, the Tao Tao ATA-125D is ideal.

It owns a 110cc 4 stroke engine and 1 cylinder, enough for adults and more than enough teenagers.

The remote kill button and individual suspension are just two of the many features that make driving even simpler. Even the tires have enough grip for a smooth ride in the woods.

Powerful engine

The Tao Tao ATA-125D’s 110cc engine doesn’t seem powerful enough for most people. You’ll find that this brand primarily recommends this model for teenagers. However, there have been some cases of adults riding this ATV without getting hurt.

This should come as no surprise, as most ATVs with identical engines are powerful enough for an adult. Although you won’t fly at maximum tilt, the ATV can be enough for outdoor exploration.

Independent shocks

One of the best things about ATVs is that they can be ridden on almost any terrain. ATVs are a perfect alternative to cars or motorcycles as they are light enough to go places where other vehicles and motorcycles cannot. But how comfortable would it be to drive an ATV on bumpy terrain?

The reality is that most ATV drivers will not be able to cope with the nasty bumps encountered in off-road areas. However, as long as your ATV has individual shocks, they should not be of concern. When you meet a spot or rock surface, these individual shocks subject each of the wheels to some of the force to be applied to the ATV. It is safer to drive because of this.

Remote Kill switch

When compared to a car or motorcycle, learning to drive an ATV can take less time. Running an ATV is not as difficult as driving a car, but it does require some practice. What would you do if you or your kids were riding an ATV and lost balance or panic?

With the remote kill button, you can quickly turn off the ATV engine from a safe distance. With this feature, you will drive safely and turn off the car in case of unsafe situations.

Remote Stop control

You will turn off your engine from a distance of up to 30 feet. And if you’re not the driver, you can take care of the car if you want.

Speed ​​governor

This is a great feature. This will help you control how fast or slow the ATV is, which will give parents peace of mind. If your child learns more mastery and control, you can gradually increase the pace.

Smart design

Manufacturer TaoTao has designed this ATA-125D very intelligently as they can both ensure safety, efficiency but still can make the aesthetics of the product at a high level.

Stable legroom

A deep and beveled footrest provides a Non-slip surface. It offers more flexibility and control. This space was designed to keep the feet steady while protecting them from the tires.

In case you are looking for a high-quality tire to combine with your ATV, please check this post out for more helpful information.

Safety front brake 

The robust and durable drum brake helps to brake exceptionally well at all speeds, ensuring your safety.

Automatic transmission

You don’t have to think about shifting gears or shifts anymore. Riding is easy and fun for people of all ages.

The single swingarm system behind and the rear shock absorber

You’ll expect a smoother ride with a single suspension. Improve the quality and feel of the car as it moves.

Ideal rear hydraulic disc brake

It is ideally suited to children’s needs. For added safety and protection, braking power will be improved.

A-Arm dual front suspension

You’ll expect a smoother ride thanks to the dual suspension. Improve the quality and feel of the car as it moves.

Highlighted headlights, brakes, and taillights

It would be an excellent choice for overnight travel. These features improve visibility from front to rear.

Front buffer

This front bumper keeps your ATV undamaged in the event of a shock.

The back luggage rack 

This design provides additional storage space. Put it in your pocket and take it with you conveniently.

Cushion sit

Enjoy a relaxing flight. The cushioned seats are spacious, pleasant, and spacious for a comfortable journey.

Alternative Products

You should not limit yourself to a single model when purchasing an ATV. There are many good versions from manufacturer TaoTao. You might find yourself a product that suits you even better than the ATA – 125D. In the paragraph below, you will find some of the more prevalent alternatives.

  1. TaoTao ATV full size 250cc

No products found.

If you’ve never ridden an ATV before, the 250cc TaoTao Full-Size is the right choice. It has four gears and a set of speed limiters and one of the most powerful engines available. A dual brake mechanism and separate shock absorbers are also included.

This model is a perfect alternative for experienced drivers who want to get up to speed while driving. This model is more efficient, and the assembly is more straightforward than the previous one. Driving will feel more convenient due to larger wheels.

  1. TaoTao ATV TForce 110c

No products found.

The ATV TForce with a 110 cc engine is an affordable choice for anything of its size. It is primarily aimed at children, although it can be used for adults as well. The most significant difference between this variant and the first is the size of the tires.

If you are concerned about style and color scheme instead, we recommend this choice. This model is available in over 8 different designs, each with its own set of features to suit each person’s needs and preferences.

  1. ATA-110B1 TaoTao Kids

ATA-110B1 is the safest car on the market for children and young teenagers. The engine is as powerful as the two models we discussed, but the ATV’s body is a bit smaller.

Hence, we mainly recommend it as a great beginner ATV for kids. The ATV design is ideal for children between 3.5 and 4 feet in height. The engine also allows speeds between 30 and 40 miles per hour.

Getting to use ATV will take time. So teach your kids how to use an ATV carefully and keep an eye on them when they use it. To operate the ATV safely, you must have full armor, pillow and arm guards, specialized shoes, a helmet, and special glasses to protect your kid’s eyes.

Off-road vehicles are not only suitable for boys, but girls can also use them skillfully. Watch the video below to understand this fact better, and don’t panic when your daughter asks her parents to buy her an ATV.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy spending time outside and want to try something different, we recommend buying an ATV. They are ideal for people of all ages and can offer adventure on even the harshest of terrain. There are many models of terrain vehicles to choose from, whether you’re buying one for yourself or for a preteen who needs one.

Tao Tao ATA-125D is an excellent vehicle for beginners geared towards teenagers and suitable for adults. According to our TaoTao ATV review, it’s stable, robust enough for most age groups, secure enough with its kill switch, and helps your kids improve their skills or health effects.

ATVs have grown in popularity in recent years, with people of all ages buying them. You can pass by any landscape by All Terrain Vehicles while also enjoying the cool air of the wind. If you are still envisioning yourself on one of these media, we recommend reading this article for more suggestions.

Currently, most models are equipped with speed limiters, so children under 12 can use them. You can limit your child’s ride to 18mph or less for safety reasons.

There is a large selection of high-quality ATVs manufactured in China on the market for you to pick. However, to get the best ATV, you must weigh factors such as scale, durability, price, and how to maintain your ATV, among others. After reading our in-depth feedback, we think you will be able to find a suitable ATV. 

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the TaoTao ATA – 125D Fully Automatic ATV in the comments section below. Thank you for your reading time, have a nice day!

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